Dehli to Dehradun

We arrived in Dehli 4 hours later than we expected. There to meet us was Bunty, a friend of a friend, who was so kind as to help us out with staying over night and showing us his home, helping us to book tickets for the bus and getting us all the way to the bus. We got the tickets online via Buntys account. The webpages here do not work all the time, so be patient! It servers 100s of million people.

Thank you Bunty for your time and know how! Bunty is giving back to the world, so if you are travelling to Dehli and need a friend, I can check with him, ’cause he likes helping out! Dehli is the city of hustlers. If not for Bunty we would’ve gotten tricked. The Dehli business people see that we are tourists and they say a price 4 times higher than the actual cost.

Thank you Bunty!


Being a foreigner in India isn’t all that easy, ’cause on the one hand there are a lot of people who will cheat you, and on the other had there are many that will go out of their way to help you. It’s very difficult to tell these categories apart when all you get is a brief interaction.

We checked out of our hotel early on the ninth, and went to Bunty’s place. It was in a really nice neighbourhood, Bunty told us that most of the people there came from Uttrakand, which is the state Derahdun is in. He said he liked the unity in the neighborhood. It was way more relaxed than the parts of Dehli we had seen up to this point.


His apartement had two rooms, a hallway/ livingroom, bathroom and a small kitchen. He shared it with a friend, and they had all one could need, even though it was small. It was clean and cozy.

We rushed to Kashmeri gate, where our bus to Dehradun was departing from. We were late, both because of us going late, as well as due to traffic. It was around 1 hour trip to Kashmeri Gate. The bus was departing at 11:15. At 11:10 Bunty called the driver and he said they’d depart at 11:45. So it was cool. When we got there, the driver said that we’d depart at 12:50… So we rushed for nothing. But that’s India for you! Bunty left us there at the bus stop and we bought some fruit and chips before going on the bus. We had bought a sleeper seat (it cost about 750 rupees) and this basically ment that we had like a bunker in the celing with seats under us. It was quite comfortable. BUT the bus was over crowded and the bus didn’t start moving until after 1 pm…  And then again, Dehli traffic.

Here is a picture of our cozy bus 🙂


One problem on the bus was that there was no toilet. We made a stop after like 4 hours in the bus. It was painful!!

There were two other tourists on the bus, I think they were germans, and they seamed to be quite experienced travellers. August talked a little to them and they didn’t speak very good english. On the bus August interacted with some younger boys next to us who were very nice and friendly, and gave us some tips for locations to look up while around Dehradun. They were also ncie enough to give us some tips and made sure that we reached a hotel for the night, when we arrived in the city.

Looking for a hotel late at night was hectic, but our newfound friends hooked us up with a very nice driver, who took us to one plavce first, where we found out that they only accepted Indian men. No foreigners, no women… We went to the next place, and same thing there. We though we were royaly screwed. Dehradun at night was not very inviting, groups of dogs were fighting and only dudes out on the streets. ..After the 3rd try we came to a Best Western hotel, but they wanted 4500 rupees for one room. We just couldn’t afford that! Finally to a decent enough hotel, that didn’t overcharge us by too much, we paid 1500 but at this point anything under 2000 was ok. The driver was very engaged in helping us, and we tiped him well when we finally got this room:


It was dirty and the we couldn’t turn of the AC and we are VERY happy for our silk sheets (in the pic)! They will be a true life-saver this trip I think. We do at least have nice gear.

Stay tuned for Navdanya Biodiversity Farm!

Lots of love

August and Linnea ❤


4 thoughts on “Dehli to Dehradun

  1. I’m quite amazed about all the help you get from strangers. I don’t think you would experience that either in Sweden nor in Germany. Furthermore, you’re very good at describing the atmosphere and situations, which makes your text well worth reading. It’s very exciting and I envy you the experience.

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